Hub Buick houston,tx tried to rip me off

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I took my car 2 Hub Buick Houston, tx.They looked at my 98 Buick and estimated repair cost of $1100 to fix ac.

I asked service desk had he looked at car & was he sure repair was needed? He assured me he had & claimed 2 have several yrs as an auto mechanic. I believe auto mechanics make more than service techs.

I took my car 2 another mechanic who fixed the problem for approx $200.

Item fixed was not what Hub Buick said problem was. Also the service mgr told me as I was leaving that my ac has other problems as well (meaning their est was just the beginning.

What arrogance & incompetence!!!

do not use Hub Buick for repairs.Buicks r great autos just don't let Hub Buick rip u off!!

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